Rework and Repair of printed circuit boards and electronics

PRIMA-TECH-PRO provides services even after delivery of the finished product. The rework and repair of printed circuit boards and electronics includes:

  • Analysis of the assignment and customer’s documentation.
  • Diagnostics and detection of defects.
  • Finding and purchasing the necessary replacement parts if necessary.
  • Repair of defects with PCB repair kits of the companies PACE, WELLER, LEISTER, HAKO.
  • Washing and cleaning of the printed circuit boards and products with modern cleaning agents.
  • Labelling and traceability of the products.
  • Packaging and forwarding of the finished products.

The skills and knowledge we possess regarding the realization and maintenance of your product make us the perfect choice for repair of your products. We could trace, manage and repair your products, which will decrease your costs and make your business as profitable as possible.