Design and supply of Metal Stencils

The optimal design of the stencils plays key role for providing an excellent productivity and quality in our production processes. The apertures size and stencil thickness control and precise generation of fiducial markers are directly related to the paste quantity, its correct positioning and printing during the assembly operations. The proper stencil design together with quality production has significant impact on the productivity and assembly quality.

Laser cutting is fast process which allows us to offer standard 1-2 day for production with the possibility for faster delivery if necessary without compromise in stencil’s accuracy or quality. The stencils are produced by stainless steel and they are carefully selected for smoothness and equal thickness, which are important qualities of the precise stencil.  By laser cutting are made openings with trapezoid cross-section, which allows perfect release of paste during production. The laser cutting technology is unique with the fact that by regulating the laser intensity in the production process we could create extremely accurate and regular sized openings in the stencils.

Information needed for processing of inquiries in PRIMA-TECH-PRO regarding the design and delivery of metal templates/stencils:

  • Complete Gerber files in mm or mils.
  • When the circuit boards are supplied in panels we require the panellised gerber files.
  • Type and thickness of the material - 80um up to 300um.
  • Specific requirements if any.