Human resources management policy

The most valuable capital of the good companies is the people who work for them. We know that and we invest in the continuing upgrade of their skills and competences. The successful business is a matter of trust and trust is built by people. We highly value the opinion of our customers and continue to invest in the reliable partnership relations. Our policy regarding the human resources is focused on further improvement of the working conditions and work organizations, motivation and constant training of the employees.

In relation to the implementation of this policy in 2018 we’ve made investment and realized project for improvement of the work environment by providing good and safe working conditions and rise of the productivity levels by improving the organization and management of human resources in PRIMA-TECH-PRO OOD under grant contract № BG05M9OP001-1.008-2371-C01 financed under the procedures for good and safe working conditions, Procedure code:  BG05M9OP001-1.008. The project was to the amount of 180 950 BGN, under which were made investments for improving the working conditions and developed and implemented human resources management system and software.