Conventional assembly

The technology for conventional assembly of printed circuit boards and electronics includes:

  • Analysis of the assignment and customer’s documentation.
  • Technological preparation of assembly – preparation of assembly documentation.
  • Processing of conventional elements and assembly preparation.
  • Manual assembly with soldering iron.
  • Automatic assembly and soldering on wave soldering machine.
  • Cleaning of the soldered printed circuit boards
  • Inspection of the finished circuit boards and products
  • Labelling and traceability of the products
  • Packaging and forwarding of the finished products.

For these processes are used the following machines, facilities and equipment:

  • Lead-free wave soldering machine - GRASMANN WLS
  • Lead wave soldering machine – HEEB Inotec
  • Soldering and desoldering of electronic components work stations - PACE, WELLER and HAKO
  • Automatic circuit boards cleaning machine