Supply of electronic components

PRIMA-TECH-PRO has broad range of electronic components for surface and conventional mounting, displays and every part or consumable necessary for the production. By our well established relationships with suppliers we can provide all parts and materials needed for the production of your product in the shortest time and at the lowest price. As we work usually on many projects we continue seeking optimal balance between price, quality and delivery time.

In order to guarantee and provide the highest possible quality of the supply of electronic components, we prefer to provide all the necessary components for our assembly services. We supply and purchase elements and parts only from reliable suppliers and we will always ask for your approval before taking any side decisions. For most of the elements suppliers the responsibility ends when they prepare and deliver the complete set of components. But that is not the case with PRIMA-TECH-PRO. As your main supplier of components and materials we take full responsibility for all operations during and after their delivery by observing and undertaking all the necessary actions and requirements for quality realization of all activities.

If you decide to send part of the elements and request that we provide the rest of them, you should send us list of all components, indicating the components number and their quantity.

In addition our Supply of electronic components could include also Supply of cables (supply of the cable itself, cutting to size, cleaning of ends by specification, tinning and preparing it for work), Supply of metal and plastic boxes for your articles and further processing of these products, Design and supply of production labels, Production and supply of specialized packages for final packaging of the finished products and articles.

We have in stock passive components: resistors with chip size of 1206, 0805 and 0603 – 1% and 5% and capacitors with chip size of 1206, 0805 and 0603. On demand we could supply and prepare the complete set of elements you need to be mounted on your printed circuit board. In order to be able to provide warranty and best value for money we order directly from the producers or authorized representatives.

Information needed for processing of inquiries in PRIMA-TECH-PRO regarding the assembly of printed circuit boards and electronics:

  • BOM file or specifications of the elements and materials which should be supplied.

The components should be described in such way that allows their explicit identification – production numbers or code numbers by Farnell, Digi-key or Mouser.