Products and services

The products and services provided by the company to its customers for over twenty years now are the Assembly of printed circuit boards and electronics, Supply of electronic components, Design and supply of printed circuit boards and Design and supply of metal stencils.

The customers of PRIMA-TECH-PRO are serviced by specialists – engineers and production staff with long experience in the electronic production, which guarantee high productivity and quality of the produced goods and services provided. The company’s employees have large professional experience, dispose of the necessary technical equipment, systems for material processing, quality systems, documentation and computer systems, which helps them fulfil the customers’ requirements with quality and within the specified time period.

PRIMA-TECH-PRO possesses high and low productive machines and modern production technologies, as surface-mount assembling machines, lead or lead-free wave soldering systems, equipment for manual fitting of electronic components. The operations are performed in compliance with ISO 9001 and IPC 610 D standards.