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Our mission and vision

PRIMA-TECH-PRO’s mission is to complete timely and with the necessary high quality all production orders and services by using modern technologies and best production and business practices thus affirming itself as reliable partner for its customers.

PRIMA-TECH-PRO’s vision is in compliance with its principles and mission to expand its business activities by continuous modernization of the production base and equipment, introduction of new technologies, developing new products and services and improving the company’s internal organization.

The main concept of PRIMA-TECH-PRO OOD includes the supply of products and services with high quality, which are safe for human health. We strive to satisfy completely the high requirements of our customers and to observe the legal obligations.

The products and services we provide are fully in compliance with the current national legislation in force and the European standards.

The high quality and safety of our products and services is the base on which all company’s market strategies and plans are built. In order to reach these objectives, we implement strict control on all stages of production.

As small family company we are well known and positioned at the market. We believe that the good future lies on solid grounds of trust already proven in time.

That is why we built on the traditions while introducing innovative thinking, investments in modern technologies and implementation of well-established business practices.

The most valuable capital of the good companies is the people who work for them. We know that and we invest in the continuing upgrade of their skills and competences. The successful business is a matter of trust. We value highly the opinion of our customers and we build constantly on the reliable partnership relations.