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Constant high quality

The quality management system implemented in PRIMA-TECH-PRO under ISO 9001:2018, the continuous modernization of the technological equipment and long experience in this area guarantee to our customers the maintenance of constant company products and services quality.

Our quality system ensures that each product of the company meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. We focus on the creation of high quality products by effective and flawless processes, which help us fulfil our customers’ desires. All of our employees have undergone and participate constantly in trainings and review of their skills and competences in order to guarantee that we maintain our high work standards. Accrediting institutions and partner companies constantly hold and analyse trainings and checks, which highlights the areas for further improvement. Our ISO 9001:2008 system and intra-corporate training upon IPC standards are only two examples of our full commitment to quality. The management principles regarding the quality and environment policy are presented to all company’s employees. The high quality of the assembled printed circuit boards is guaranteed by the operations under standard IPC 610 F Class 2.

Prima-Tech-Pro management sets its quality objectives as:

  • Continuous growth and development of the company
  • Growth of the export share
  • Increase of the turnover and improvement of financial indicators
  • Maintenance of high standard and quality of all company processes and operations
  • Optimization of the technological processes
  • Decrease of the production defects
  • Full customer satisfaction

Specific objections are set in the annual plans in which are included indicators for quality and quantity evaluation of their achievement, as well as the responsibilities of the structural departments regarding the objectives’ achievement. The objectives are reviewed periodically for compliance with the company Quality policy.