Design and supply of printed circuit boards

PRIMA-TECH-PRO offer to its customers to design the printed circuit boards topology. Depending on the complexity and requirements for the project we choose the suitable software to realize the customer’s specifications, unless the customer does not have particular preferences and requirements. When the customer submits electric scheme of the circuit board in principle, list of the elements (value, tolerance and size of the passive elements, type and size of the active elements) and external dimensions, they receive the finished product.

The circuit boards design includes preparation of files for automatic drillings, cutting, solder masks, white printing, if necessary generating stencil files, automatic saturation, panelling of the finished product, generating Gerber and Drill files. When the project is completed the customer receives all the necessary files with full technical documentation of the printed circuit boards and built prototype if such is included in the contract upon project assignment. The final files and projects are property of the customer and in no circumstances we disseminate these documents or give them to third parties.

For the production and supply of bare circuit boards we use approved by us subcontractors, which offer excellent value for money and best delivery times. All printed circuit boards are delivered after in-circuit test.

Technological options for bare circuit boards:

  • Minimum bus structure - 200 μm
  • Minimum distance – 180 μm by base material FR4 with 18 μm Cu
  • Minimum metal opening - 0,4mm
  • Number of layers – up to 12 layers
  • Material: FR4, FR2, Polyimide Flexible, CEM1, CEM3, AlCu, Rogers.
  • Thickness of 0,2 to 3,2 мм depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Thickness of the copper coating - 18 μm, 35 μm, 70 μm, 105 μm, 140 μm, 175 μm
  • Final coating – Lead-free HAL, Lead HAL, Chemical Ni/Au, Chemical tin, Passivation (OSP)
  • Protective mask – Photo mask, epoxy mask, UV mask in different colours

Information needed for processing of inquiries in PRIMA-TECH-PRO regarding the design and delivery of printed circuit boards:

  • Complete Gerber files in mm or mils.
  • Drill files in any format.
  • Number of circuit boards in a lot.
  • Text file with full description of the printed circuit board – Material and thickness, Copper coating thickness, Final coating, Protective mask colour, White printing, Electrical test